Impraise Amsterdam

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2,000 m2



Impraise, a dynamic tech company dedicated to advancing human resources management, has developed The People Enablement Platform — a tool designed to foster a culture of feedback and knowledge sharing within organisations. When they approached us with a unique request, they said: “We are moving into our new offices in five months and would like you to design these spaces with a warm, natural atmosphere. Specific requirements? No. Take us along in your design process and surprise us.” From the initial sketches to the final styling, this project has been a rewarding collaboration among all involved parties.

We created a vibrant and adaptable plug-and-play space using ready-made objects and natural materials such as plywood. The floor features an industrial coating highlighted by colourful carpets. Our in-house circular partner, Furnify, was involved from the start, using their expertise to source second-life furniture and sustainable fabrics, adding an authentic touch to the space.

The hybrid lounge entrance serves as both a reception area and a flexible space for team meetings. With tables on wheels and movable seating blocks, the design provides the versatility employees need.

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