INTOS Haarlem

Sometimes, it's the outside that counts

INTOS Interior Solutions

Haarlem, The Netherlands

10,000 m2


Applied principles

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Drive circular and local production

We transformed two workshops and an 80’s office building into a 10,000 m2 home for INTOS Interior Solutions, one of the largest Dutch interior contractors. A new modular steel framework connects the two workshops, reusing the existing concrete shell, resulting in a west-oriented façade towards the Waarderweg, in Haarlem. This addition provides space for the project teams as well as an inviting entrance and place to work for partners, a restaurant, and a multi-functional event space.

The saw-tooth shaped roof, reminiscent of traditional 20th century workshops, faces north and allows light to brighten the space without direct exposure to the sun. The 90-metre-long façade is clad with 99.9% recycled plastic boards, alternated with high-performance glazed window slits. The lightweight steel structure offers both versatility in use and the potential to adjust the space according to future program requirements.

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