Martiniplaza Groningen

Multifunctional design


Groningen, The Netherlands

1,325 m2


Martiniplaza stands as the epitome of multifunctional design, embodying our commitment to setting new standards for dynamic spaces.

Located in Groningen, with a capacity of over 10,000 visitors, Martiniplaza is the largest event venue in the northern part of the Netherlands. It houses a theatre, sports lounge, conference and exhibition centre, and is the home of the Donar basketball team.

The transformation of Martiniplaza’s restaurant and adjacent areas presented an exciting opportunity for us to create a design that caters to a broad range of audiences, from event visitors to sports enthusiasts and theatregoers. We aimed to design a flexible space that could adapt to various events and activities, providing a welcoming environment for gatherings, celebrations, and relaxation while upholding Martiniplaza’s hospitality standards and brand identity.

Our design strategy centred on maximising the venue’s adaptability to accommodate both large crowds and intimate gatherings. The lively area for refreshments and snacks during events can effortlessly transform into a charming setting for dinner before a theatre performance. The renovation of the restaurant, now rebranded as ‘Brasserie Loeks’, creates an inviting atmosphere, representing a significant improvement over the previously dim spaces. Features such as customisable LED lighting offer a personalised ambiance tailored to specific events or clients. Additionally, the installation of a podium provides further flexibility, enhancing the space’s overall versatility.

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