OVG Real Estate Amsterdam

Sustaining company culture

OVG Real Estate is a developer of intelligent, high tech office buildings and is located in The Edge on the Amsterdam Zuidas. This building was praised for being the most sustainable office building in the world by the Research Establishment (BRE) and received the highest ‘Outstanding’ BREEAM classification ever, of 98.36 percent. For the interior design of this client’s office, the basic principles we adhered to were collaboration, flexibility and consciousness. In collaboration with Furnify, we recycled existing materials and furniture. The chairs from the Rotterdam football stadium ‘De Kuip’ were reused, while a second life was given to old office chairs, designer armchairs and a bright blue cabinet.

We inverted the traditional ideas for an office floor. For instance, visitors of OVG get to peek behind the scenes on entry and the office has no cold waiting area. The traditional front desk has been replaced by an informal kitchen island where the hostess welcomes the customers. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to grab the healthy lunch that is enjoyed at the main table every single day. This office was designed as a lifestyle environment, based on activities for which the identity and lifestyle of the OVG employees serves as foundation.

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