Republic Offices Nieuwegein

Lively business community

At the A12 highway near Utrecht we transformed an existing office complex into a lively business community. We acknowledged that the market for office spaces has radically changed over the last years. The modern office space inspires, gives energy, empowers community meetings in order to connect organisations, groups and departments. With this community-based approach, we made a future-proof design. By using hidden features and through smart structural interventions, we prepared the area for future market of workspaces and their players. It’s about mixing the inside with the outside, about creating a place where people feel welcome, where one can easily chitchat or have an official meeting and wander through the green. 

We combined our experience on development, architecture, and interior design to make Republic Offices the leading example of a place which employers want to rent – and where employees like to be. In great collaboration we’ve created a place where people want to go to, instead of having to go to. The landscape was designed by BuroBol, Sweco was responsible for the structural adjustments. The project was realised by the construction team Tetris, Grijsen, Zoontjens Boomprojecten and Biltz. It entailed 7 towers with a total of 45.000 m2. While the former complex had troubles finding tenants, this renewed environment is now entirely occupied.

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