Residence Inn by Marriott Essen & Dortmund

Business and pleasure

The Residence Inn Hotels by Marriott service long-stay guests by acting as a ‘home away from home’. We were approached by Vastint to design the common areas of these hotels, which include a lobby of 500m2 in Essen and a separate unique design in Dortmund. We created spaces that encourage engagement between the guests in a home-like atmosphere. As short and frequent business travel decreases due to our changing work culture, a trend for longer, high quality and comfort focused travel emerges. With that in mind, our designers are inspired by the ‘Bleisure’ concept of designing the lobby space for a new kind of long stay business traveller, blending business and pleasure.

It was a nice challenge to design a space that allows guests to feel free and comfortable thanks to the self-serving bar and kitchen layout, while simultaneously feeling cared for by the surrounding staff.  When entering the lobby, you don’t just hit a reception with the hotel staff behind a desk, instead there is a free-standing pod around which the host will welcome you. After registering you move through the common area to the elevator. This allows the guest to experience the space for the first time and hopefully get a glimpse of the other guests. A specific choice made together with Marriott aimed at enhancing social interaction.

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