Tianfu Hilton Hotel Chengdu

Captivating hospitality oasis

For the Tianfu Hilton Hotel in Chengdu, China, we created a design proposal that offers a captivating experience within the Shi-jing, an ancient microcosm that operates at its own rhythm. With an impressive surface area of 54,000 square meters, our concept embraces informal enterprise and leisure, embodying traditional rituals and skilled craftsmanship. 

The Tianfu Hilton hotel serves as a community space, featuring experiential and inviting areas for relaxation and entrepreneurial pursuits. This hospitality design showcases authentic Szechuan rituals, materials, cuisine, and atmospheres, inviting guests to immerse themselves in rich textures, sounds, smells, and ancient objects. From serene stone settings to vibrant street performances, the hotel creates a beguiling journey of discovery.

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