uniQure Amsterdam

The DNA of human connection

Opposite of the AMC hospital in Amsterdam, uniQure’s new home ground unites all their departments under one roof.  This relocation represents a new step for this global leader in gene therapy development. Creating a healthy and human working environment was central in the redevelopment, which is why uniQure decided to apply our Healing Offices concept in their new building, making us responsible for the design and the design management.

We transformed more than 9,000 m2 of office space into workspaces, cleanrooms, and laboratory areas. Rather than building rooms with doors, we created a landscape of dividing elements, generating a sense of protection and focus. Since we separated the areas following its different dynamics, a mutual respect for each other’s concentration now exists. By offering different typologies for concentration work, touch-down and team related work we generated a sense of ownership and personal control, reducing stress impact. An own desk with personal space carries one’s personal atmosphere, yet part of the designed total.

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