Stamperia Olonia Varese

Architecture is dead

Stamperia Olonia is part of the Liberty Group and is a leader in third-party production of natural printed fabrics for the home and clothing. We pitched to create a new identity for their Fabrics Paradise Center of Printing Excellence. Our concept responded to their needs and created an experience for visitors, clients and staff that was appropriate to this Center of Excellence. If we would have used a traditional architectural approach, we would have provided a static environment where it would be difficult to change and expand possibilities and spaces to do different things in different times.

Instead, we chose to add structures, dwellings, and spaces into and around the existing factory with big scaffolding which could encircle the premises as a big stage. Here it would be possible to hang and print big canvases, cultivate plants, show art and to run through it. We call it Overlay Architecture. It is the way to stay light and focus on empowering the people, their interactions, their needs, and their dreams, to make what the traditional architecture cannot do, to be cheaper and more sustainable, faster, and smarter.

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