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The world’s most exclusive collection of handbags can be found on one of the most prestigious canals in Amsterdam. What started as a private collection and hobby, grew into a museum that attracts 70.000 visitors per year.

The building is full of original architectural and decorative details such as hand-painted murals and authentic textile wallpaper. When D/DOCK was asked to update the bar in the museum’s restaurant, preservation of all the original details was a requirement.

Incorporating the ceiling high mirrors and ornate paintings, our designers created a space that is both modern and traditional. Each piece of furniture in the bar and in the two majestic rooms that are available for events, bridges the gap between old and new. Prioritizing comfort to accommodate the senior visitors, each seat has armrests and high backs.

The showpiece behind the bar is a display for products and glassware, but also symbolizes a link to the museum’s handbag exhibits that are presented in glass cabinets.

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