Microsoft Amsterdam

Welcome to Micro Polis

Microsoft Netherlands

Schiphol, The Netherlands

8,000 m2


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Based on our Healing Office method – and Microsoft’s future vision of driving digital transformation for a more meaningful world – we developed the concept Micro Polis for Microsoft Offices in Amsterdam, located at Schiphol airport. We transformed the existing building into a flexible and open hub, where employees, partners, start-ups, scale-ups, students, and children are welcome. This form of placemaking created a publicly accessible space that feels like home to Microsoft’s employees.

Our concept aims to create a healing office that boosts the health and happiness of its residents, participants, and visitors. We believe that humans have crucial sustainable value beyond using circular materials. Therefore, we argue that a healthy environment for people is an essential part of social sustainability. So, Micro Polis stands for a new culture and community – one where people feel free and inspired to drive the positive digital transformation of our society. As a result of our concept, the entire high-tech area is interactive and equipped with intelligent software. In addition, sensors measure the air quality and people’s activity to optimise the user experience. Ultimately, this is what a working environment in 2022 must radiate to be future-proof.

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