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Microsoft Netherlands

Schiphol, The Netherlands

8,000 m2


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Applied principles

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Focus on value creation not profit maximisation

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Cultivate communities and network organisations

We developed the concept of Micro Polis for the Microsoft Office in Amsterdam Schiphol. Drawing inspiration from our Healing Office method and aligning with Microsoft’s vision of driving digital transformation to empower people and organisations, we transformed the existing building into a flexible and open hub for Microsoft employees, partners, customers, and the surrounding area.

Creating an environment that enhances the overall wellbeing of its users is an essential aspect of sustainable design. Accordingly, the Micro Polis design approach has a focus on community and customer experience. The office comprises a hybrid environment equipped with advanced technology and spaces for gatherings and events, coworking areas for partners and customers, auditoriums, meeting facilities, a café, a restaurant, an education area, and a customer experience centre.

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