Groevenbeek College Ermelo

Learning Landscapes campus

We take pride in our innovative and collaborative approach to school design: Learning Landscapes. Our method focuses on tailoring each project to the specific needs of the educational system and all those involved in it. Grounded in this philosophy, we crafted a proposal for Groevenbeek College, which had outgrown an amalgamation of buildings in its Ermelo location and needed a sustainable and inspiring new design.

Drawing inspiration from their vision and goals, we developed a concept for a flexible campus that promotes connectivity, featuring ample indoor and outdoor spaces, greenery, and modular buildings capable of adapting to evolving needs.

The Groevenbeek College proposal stands as an example of our commitment to sustainable school designs that not only enrich the learning experience but also bolster the physical and mental wellbeing of students, teachers, and the surrounding community.

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