Groevenbeek College Ermelo

Learning Landscapes campus

We pride ourselves on our innovative and collaborative approach to school design: ‘Learning Landscapes’. Based on this philosophy, we created an exceptional proposal to pitch for the Groevenbeek college project. This ambitious undertaking involved the renovation and new construction of the VMBO/HAVO/VWO Groevenbeek college premises in Ermelo, which had outgrown its patchwork quilt of various buildings and thus needed a sustainable and inspiring new design.

Our specialised design team took on this challenge by implementing our Learning Landscapes method, which focuses on creating a school design tailored to the educational system’s specific needs and everyone involved in it. Based on their vision and goals, we developed a concept for a flexible campus that encourages variation, connection, and cohesion, with plenty of indoor and outdoor spaces, greenery, and modular buildings that can easily adapt to their changing needs.

The Groevenbeek college proposal is one of the prime examples of our commitment to creating innovative and sustainable school designs that enhance the learning experience and foster growth and development. It perfectly shows our ‘Learning Landscapes’ approach, which emphasises engagement, inclusiveness, resilience, connectedness, health, and biophilic design, ensuring that the school is a dynamic, future-proof, and responsible environment that supports the physical and mental well-being of students, teachers and the surrounding community.

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