Office Suites

Unlocked potential of temporary vacancy

Symphony Orchestra at Edge Stadium Amsterdam

From office to concert hall

Glue 2023 Exhibition

Tales from beyond

Moving Islands Concept

Enabling blended spaces

De L’Europe Amsterdam ‘t Huys

A new luxury hospitality concept

Aspire Lounge Schiphol Airport

Sustainable redesign

The Gent Amsterdam

Blended basement

Martiniplaza Groningen

Multifunctional design

Oval Tower Amsterdam

Vertical campus

Zandkasteel Amsterdam

Same imagination, new applications

Cathedrall Amsterdam

Accelerating the circular transition

My Extraordinary Workspace Platform

Work from premium hotels

Circa Amsterdam

Circularity meets flexibility

Dr. Sarphatihuis Amsterdam

Indoor garden on wheels

Daalsesingel 51 Utrecht

Sustainable departure from the single-use office

De L’Europe Amsterdam

Transformed into a community residence

DB55 Amsterdam

Blending beyond the office

Suite 242 Amsterdam

New aesthetic languages

De Groene Afslag Laren

Work in progress